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This message will probably go nowhere but I still have the need to at

least voice my issue. A couple days before Black Friday my wife and I

went to Sears to look at treadmills. Our goal was to find the treadmill

we wanted in advance before trying to decide on one while fighting the

crowds on Black Friday. We found the one we wanted; it was the

NordicTrack T5.7 for $599.

We were told if we were to buy the treadmill right then and if the price

was to go any lower in the next 14 days we would be credited the

difference. I asked if that would be the case for the Black Friday sale

price as well and the associate said "Yes Sir, even Black Friday

prices." We were convinced to purchase the treadmill right then knowing

we would still receive the better price if it did get any better. Black

Friday arrives and the price lowers to $499. I thought "great" and I

contacted Sears and explained how I would like to be credited the$99

that I was told I would be three days prior. It was explained to me that

was not possible because any deals like that would be excluded for Black


After learning this would I have been better off returning the original

treadmill for a refund that day then to turn around and repurchase the

same one for $100 cheaper 5 minutes later? If it wasn't such a hassle I

would have. The day I purchased the treadmill we were straight up lied

to by the sales associate. My wife and I have purchased numerous items

over the years from sears which include some more costly items. We are

extremely let down by this experience and hope this letter will at least

raise some concern about policy/ customer service, and hopefully prevent

the loss of faithful customers.!

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